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The Great Gatsby

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Opulent, decadent, grandiose, modern, symmetrical and drenched in deco inspired geometric flourishes. Welcome to Mr. Gatsby’s world ala Baz Luhrmann’s new period cinema.

“In his blue gardens men and girls came and went like moths among the whisperings and the champagne and the stars.” ― F. Scott Fitzgerald, The Great Gatsby

Home Decor Inspired by Baz Luhrmann's Great Gatsby

ChandelierMirror / Decanter / Pen / Side Table / Chair 

Home Decor Inspired by Baz Luhrmann's Great Gatsby

Art Deco Ad / Tea Kettle / Napkin / Cutlery Set / Dinnerware

“The city seen from the Queensboro Bridge is always the city seen for the first time, in its first wild promise of all the mystery and beauty in the world.” ― F. Scott Fitzgerald, The Great Gatsby

Inspired by a post found via Fabulous K Style.

Meet & Greet – Andrea

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Sorry for the belated blog update, my new job is consuming my energy time like a black hole! How do you bloggers and blogettes keep up? Advice? Secrets? Magic Pills?


I first met Andrea through her cousin, Danielle, who was a friend of mine in middle school and high school. Through the transitive property, that means that Andrea is a DOUBLE friend. Back in my pseudo punk-rock teenage years, I would congregate around curbs, food courts, and malls (that usually included Hot Topics, Claire’s, and Piercing Pagodas). I might even distinctly have a memory of Andrea, wearing an Hello Kitty t-shirt, making out behind a dumpster with a boy named Al…maybe. We also went to Ska/Punk/Hardcore/XXX/Emo shows at old Veterans of Foreign War lodges, churches, and roller skating rinks. We had too many emotions so we journaled about them in live (and dead) journals. We both adore diners and have particularly fond, albeit weird memories, at a special grease joint called The Silver Diner. In a way, we clearly had the troubled upbringing of a Pink Lady from the 1950’s.

Andrea and I have both grown-up, gone through puberty (phew), and matured since then (she’s married now), but clearly we each have kept some (if not all) of our roots in geekdom. Welcome to Andrea’s humble abode!

Name: Andrea Dunlap
Location: Bordentown, NJ
Age: 26

Established in 1682, Bordentown, NJ is a “little city…with a lot of charm!” and I swear most of that charm comes from The Dunlaps. Image found HERE.
Hello Farnsworth Avenue, Bordentown, NJ.  Is ANYONE going to make a Futurama joke? Image found HERE.

Eat: We really like the Dublin Square pub down in South Jersey (near my parents) and were quite delighted to discover another one just down the street from us in Bordentown! Although that may technically be Hamilton. The roads around here still confuse me a little. Anyway the burgers and curry fries are delicious and they have all kinds of beers/ciders/etc. on tap. We’re also a fan of Jade Island, a local Chinese restaurant which is legendarily hard to get to. The food is good and the decor is tacky yet refined.

See: There is a fabulous old Britishy style building on 206 called Byland Abbey. It’s apparently a historical site but I cannot for the life of me find much about it online. Downtown Bordentown is also cute. It’s like a wee Haddonfield or New Hope, for those familiar.

Shop: I am pained to admit to the internet that I really, deeply love Target, and second to that is HomeGoods, and thirdly to that is the Forever21 in the ghetto mall near my job. Okay, and I also really enjoy Trader Joe’s because one time, a cashier with the name “Matty Ice” rang me up. Another cashier told me that I apparently have a doppelganger at their store and we share the same “energy”. Well, thank you, sir.”

Although one of us has clearly not lost her affinity for the weird ghetto Jersey strip mall culture…ahem, what is NOT to love about Trader Joe’s? I mean, I still love Kohl’s….so I can’t really be the judge. Image found, HERE.
Do: “Okay so, my husband and I are kind of nerds. We used to play D&D once a week with a group of friends but due to schedules and jobs and life getting in the way, that hasn’t happened in awhile. So to fill the void in our lives, we watch TV! Our current favorites include Downton Abbey (season 3 I need you in my life, now), Bones, New Girl, The Finder, Psych, Snuff Box, IT Crowd, Luther, Sherlock, and Doctor Who. When we DO get out of the house, we love visiting New Hope/Peddler’s Village or just going to the local B&N to read and relax.”
Unicorns, sprinkles, glasses, and moustaches – we have been attached by a nerd coven! From left to right, Eddy (Andreas friend who made the Pokemon pictures she has), DJ (he likes wrestling and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles), and Andrea in, of course, a unicorn shirt. She was at Barcade (A BAR AND ARCADE) in Philly for another friend’s birthday.

And now for her grand apartment tour!!

Andrea writes, “This is a little rug I bought from Ross (I know, I know, but occasionally I find something decent, even though it is the Wal-Mart of the discount stores). I like strawberry designs but I do not like actual strawberries, go figure. At the top of the stairs, there is a lot of Pokemon art. I told you we were nerds. The poster was a whopping dollar from Chinatown in Philly a million years ago, and the two paintings (well, they’re stencils/paintings/spray paint/graffiti/whatever) were made by our very talented friend Eddy. The chalkboard contraption is from IKEA, my home away from home. I like to change the illustration every month. Actually, right before I took the picture I realized it still said April… awkward.”
I present to you a drama in several acts, through a series of bookcase vignettes. Andrea explains some history of this visual extravaganza, “The books are never ending. The shelf with the dragons is my “sci-fi” shelf. Yes, my books are organized by genre. Yes, I used to work at Borders. Yes, my husband did too and that is where we met. There’s also my decidedly creepy Jigglypuff collection. He’s my fave. Books, books, everywhere! And not a drop to drink. Er, read.”
“Someone told me this dog is from some Barbie set from a million years ago. No idea if that’s correct. The dolls are from an old dollhouse. The dog/dolls were my mom’s.”
“I sewed that tooth myself! The Snoopy toy plays the Peanuts theme song. Yes, that is the face of Anne Frank peeking out from behind the tooth. It’s the audio version of her diary and I only bought it because it was $6 on clearance and I felt guilty leaving it there. (Jewish guilt is hard to argue with.)”

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