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Copycat // Jenna Lyons

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Jenna Lyons, J. Crew president and creative director, and all around well-dressed woman, sold her Park Slope, Brooklyn town-home in 2012. She moved back into Manhattan, into the downtown, abandoned-factory rich area of Tribeca. Prior to selling, we voyeuristically got a peek inside the trendsetter’s digs, thanks to Sotheby’s. In a wondrous tight-rope act, the space is modern yet antique, glamourous yet minimal.

Step inside, and learn to recreate this renovated 1880’s Brownstone.

J. Crew Meets a Park Slope Brownstone

Jenna Lyons Brownstone Items

one / twothree / four / five / six / seven

Where woodsy, lumberjack and animal-fur viking decor meet elegant, ballroom chandeliers and gilded mirrors.

J. Crew Meets a Park Slope Brownstone

J. Crew Meets a Park Slope Brownstone

one / two / three / fourfive / six / seven

Where polka-dots dance upon high contrast black and white accents, wire rimmed chairs, wood pallets and glossy floors. 

J. Crew Meets a Park Slope Brownstone

J. Crew Meets a Park Slope Brownstone

one / two / three / four / five / six / seven

This closet has a limestone mantle. Yes, I am jealous of the myriad shoes, but a fireplace in a closet puts me over the edge! 

Keren Wants…North Africa

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Threshold by Target, Catrinka Project, Lamps Plus,  Duro Olowu JCP, Zinc Door and J. Crew

1. Zinc Door Worlds Away Oval Wastebasket Orange & Cream | 2. Amrita Singh Tina Stretch Cuff | 3. Catrinka Project The Siba Clutch/iPad Case – blue | 4. Matthew Izzo Worlds Away Crosby Chocolate Oak Veneer Console | 5. Lamps Plus Le Souk Ceramique Set of 4 Tabarka Design Latte/Soup Mugs | 6. Duro Olowu for JCP | 7. J.CREW Cab Fan Crystal and Bead Earrings | 8. Le Creuset Moroccan Tagine – Marseille 2 qt | 9. Target Threshold™ Brass Animal

Keren / The Walkup

Greetings From…

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Before I had a dime to my name, postcards always seemed like an inexpensive way to pay homage to places I had been, artists I have loved, and ideas I wanted to emulate. The small, cardstock templates were often priced 2 for $1.00, and were just as beautiful as prints. I have amassed hundreds of postcards, each serving as a reminder of my past, a small glimpse into an entire world. There were 3 ½” x 5” cards, sent to me, from a friend in Paris. There were 4 ¼” x 6” images I absolutely needed to own from the National Gallery of Art. Want to own a Warhol, Monet or Hirst? Buy a postcard! And yet, what to do with them all….

Postcard Wall Display

Photography by Felix Forest via homelife.

Framed Postcard Display

A DIY Framed Postcard Display via The Harpster Home

Postcard Gallery Wall

The slow diagonal stacking of postcards highlights the funky ceiling of this small bathroom space via Tui Benjamin

Postcard Wall Display

A display of a boxed set of 100 vintage Penguin book cover postcards found on the clearance table at Anthropologie via How About Orange. The obvious theme creates an automatically curated collection. 

Postcard Wall Display

Instead of wallpaper, why not decoupage the entire wall? Want a less labor intensive route? Thumbtacks are always easy via Mr. Kate.

James Merrell / The Walkup

A postcard gallery wall, above a mantel place, fits right into the eclectic decor of this bright living room. Image via Jeams Merrell. 

A Postcard Lampshade

Not a fan of an old lampshade? Rip the fabric away, expose the wiring, and create a postcard carousel! Idea via Almodeus

Postcard Wall Display

Photography Kristiina Kurronen via Susanna Vento.

Postcard Wall Display

An impermanent postcard wall using laundry lines via the Homestead Gallery in London.

Postcard Archway or Doorway Display

 Molding over an archway does double duty as a shelve in which to display favorite snippets from past travels and travails, from Boila.

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