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Bathing Suit:  Mara Hoffman’s ruffle-detailed multicolored Aztec-print bikini will add a burst of brights to your swimwear collection. Image found HERE. / Room: A geometric Aztec print rug with bright colors that have Peruvian and Mexican flair. The spartan wood and stark white walls give the environment a “ranch” quality. A rocking chair brings a southwestern, old-country vibe to the modern space. Image found HERE.

Bathing Suit: Bring the Safari to your body with this We Are Handsome – The Mother, womens multi coloured one piece swimsuit with a low scooped neckline. The swimsuit is fully lined (so you do not have to worry about see-through nip slips…phew!) and also features a deep scooped rear and the eye-catching ‘The Mother’ elephant photographic print. Image found HERE. / Room:  Remember the days of shipping your clothes in a trunk on summer holiday to Africa? The plush, navy, velvet couch captures the opulence of the late 1800’s while the wallpaper is the color of a Savannah sunset. Photo courtesy of Peppermint Bliss; photo by Emily Anderson. Image found HERE.

Bathing Suit: One Piece Swimsuit by Hanne Bloch. The seventies inspired halter one piece comes in a classic multi-color knit and is finished with the designer’s signature flirty silver tassels. The designer Hanne Bloch’s philosophy is that a wardrobe should complement the beach or pool-side as much as it does a night out. Image found HERE. / Room: The vibrant patterned rug, the natural fibers (cottons, woods, etc) all play into the easy yet bright calm vibe of this room. The wire mesh coffee table in a cerulean blue gives a quirky vibe and directly contrast the color play of the orange and purple hues. Brighter is better. Image found HERE. 

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My name is Keren. I was once a pigeon in Paris, pecking at street cheese, and dreaming of anthropomorphism.

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