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I can actually only see the sun through two of my eight windows. Through one of the glass pane views I can see an old brick facade, through another, the alley way, a haphazard community garden, and ten other windows into people’s dressing rooms. Although some people would view this as a bit cavernous, or rabbit-caged, I take pleasure in my small spaces.

In the windows where the sun does hit, I celebrate the light with murano italian glass – refracting the light, distorting its color.

In windows where the sun only hits at certain hours, I take advantage of this (as does my kitten), but planting succulents and bamboo. Both of which need semi-direct sunlight, but also shade.  By treating my home like an ecosystem, replete with different lighting and airflows, I can view every room as a temporarily new environment.  Small spaces are often quirky spaces, my fourth floor walk-up has some oblong rooms, tiny bathrooms, weird architecture, small windows, and all around eccentric shapes. Rather than treat the apartment “normally” I embrace the quirk – rather than using traditional planters and vases,  I pot my greenery in vintage cash registers, teacups, and glass orbs.

It is important, as least for me, to fall in love with one little corner of my space. So, even if my entire apartment is in ruins and messy or even DIRTY, one space will always be a delight. One space will always calm me, fill me with a bit of temporary ZEN and a sigh of relief. For me, my bar (in a vintage 1897 icebox), a color coordinated bookshelf, and my jewelry display usually do the trick.

(why yes, that is a hidden pair of handcuffs…ahem)

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My name is Keren. I was once a pigeon in Paris, pecking at street cheese, and dreaming of anthropomorphism.

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